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I am an energetic experienced Chief Administrative Officer with thirty six year of varied experiences i.e., After 5 years as a Train operator /Telegraph operator station agent with CNR and relieving in 47 different jobs in Sask.

1965-70 I started as assistant town administrator in Unity Sask for two and one half years and another two and one half years as CAO 1970-73 CAO Biggar Sk. 1973 & 74 City Clerk/Director of Finance City of Lloydminister Alta/Sk. 1975-77 Executive Director of the Urban Advisor Commission with the Province of Sask.

1977-89 City Manager City of Trail

1989-2000 CAO District of Pitt Meadows.

2001 City of Rossland CAO I am a dynamic leader working with all staff to make an effective team or the whole of an organization is smarter then any individual. I've worked hard to have everyone continue to learn and improve (which first has to start with me) resulting in empowerment.

I work hard to get everyone involved including citizens to develop and implement laws and policies. I believe in the saying "when we teach we learn twice" Therefore I have been training, working and becoming a trainer/presenter.

I facilitated the following Council/Staff retreats 1985 Trail 1991 Pitt Meadows 1991 Town of Houston 1992 Town of Smithers and another one in Pitt Meadows 2000 and in 2001 for City of Rossland.

I did these to assist our own organization and as a favour to other while at the same time practicing my skills in facilitator for the future. I am a certified Franklin Covey facilitator for "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". I have been researching material for a book I hope to get published called 'ANTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY'

2001 Retired to form my own Company: Wiser Group Consulting Ltd. and in addition to doing interim CAO assignments have done organization reviews for the City of Grand Forks in the Public Works Department then Administration and Governance and The Fire Department and did a consulting job for the District of Elkford.

Was a presenter at UBCM in 2003, 2004 and 2005 facilitate the Mid-size Communitors.

My personal Mission statement is as follows ..I'll be a loving and kind husband and father ..I'll assist our community by serving each and every person to 100% of my ability. ..I am 100% committed to a culture of openness , a bias for effective change and continuous improvement of our quality of life...I am in a relationship of unity, harmony, cooperation (win-win) with council, staff, unions, citizens, stakeholders and family.

...I will forget and forgive everyone each day. ..I am building confidence and self esteem in myself and all people around me ... I'll live this day as if it were my last being in every moment.


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